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  • These Terms and Conditions (hereafter "Terms") determine the contractual relations between website (hereafter "the website") and the customers. The Terms also provide customers with useful information for preparations ahead of their journey.

  • Prague Tourist Centre (hereafter "PTC") - The website arranges all the services included in the customer's chosen PTC. The customer shall prove their identity either with the name used in their online order, or with the document they will receive upon arrival. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the website is not held liable for the actions of the legal entity providing the concrete service.

  • Travel Insurance - The website does not provide nor arrange any travel insurance for customers. Thus, the website disclaims liability in such cases. The website in not responsible for the health and safety of the customer in the duration of the PTC.

  • Payment - Currently, there is only one payment method available, and that is bank transfer. After submitting a binding order, the customer shall receive a confirmation email with payment instructions for the PTC. Upon receiving the payment confirmation from the customer via email, the website is obliged to provide customer with all the services included in the chosen PTC.

  • Time schedule - The website has a right to adjust the time schedule of the chosen PTC services, due to high demand or last-minute orders for instance. The customer will obtain a definitive time schedule along with a gift upon their arrival.

  • Food - For the services in the PTC concerning food consumption, the website shall endeavour to satisfy any religious or health-based requirements regarding both food and beverages.​​

  • The contractual relationship is established once a binding order is submitted and the PTC paid for.

  • Customer's obligations - The customer shall verify the accuracy of all the personal data submitted in their order. The customer is responsible for both the factual and formal validity of their order. The website shall not be liable for damages caused by the inaccuracy of the data provided by the customer. It is necessary that all the required personal data are stated truthfully and accurately. By providing the website with their personal data, the customer grants consent to the processing of the stated data for the purposes of making reservations and issuing documents related to the provided services.

  • Final provisions - By submitting an order for a chosen PTC, the customer acknowledges he/she is familiar with the Terms, understands the Terms, and accepts the Terms in their entirety.The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all data provided by them.Any service specifications requested by the customer beyond the online-offered PTC shall be communicated via email. 

  • Prices - Prices stated at our page are fixed, but could vary based on the unexpected „special season“ upcharges set by our partners. You will always see such upcharges in our qoute before you pay tailor made trip. If you have any special requirements or you want to have your Prague’s experience tailor made, let us know on

  • Availability - All tickets, admissions and detailed information are always ready upon your arrival at a hotel desk or with your personal guide. It means you do not to have worry, how and when to get it.

  • Cancelation policy - We fully understand that „something“ could happen. Make sure, that it is clear to you, there is no possibility to refund your services after you pay and we order. We can, of course, reorganize your trip, but we kindly ask you to pay for any fees orupcharges stated from our partners.

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